Why should you NOT buy Bitcoin

Yves Hofstetter
3 min readJan 14, 2021

I feel the storm, a breeze whips my face, the wrath of the community is entering this post. I am scared, I am trying to run, but the angry mob of Bitcoiners chases me, hunting me down, help me…

As many of my followers know by now, I am a Bitcoin fanatic. This post has no intention of degrading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. Because I know Bitcoin, believing that it is not for everyone is a crucial part of my understanding of it. That Bitcoin overtakes the world and will be the only monetary system that exists is utopic and is not very likely to happen. The mixture of institutionalised monetary systems and hard-to-produce currency is what our world needs in my opinion.

Many of you might be thinking “So, what is the point of the title?”, and you are right, this article is not dedicated to why Bitcoin is great.

Let us dig into some reasons why you should not buy Bitcoin.

Uneducated decisions — Inform yourself. If people do not know about Bitcoin and you decide to invest into it, you are likely to underestimate the risk it brings with it. Too often people jump onto the FOMO train thinking “ah, I know the volatility and the risk”, these are the ones that are most likely to be crying the loudest as soon as they get spit out with less money. Understanding Bitcoin means that you must educate yourself.

If you are a hater — Every Bitcoiner can agree on the fact that Bitcoin haters get punished by not investing in it. The more days go by the more silent the Bitcoin hating community grows, the higher the Bull-run goes to more people understand that being against Bitcoin might not be a good path. However, even when everyone owes Bitcoin and the world is living happily some haters would rather prefer to not have any, which is fine, more for us.

If you cannot afford it — This is an obvious one, people that do not have the money, should rather stay away from Bitcoin since it is a high-risk investment. Bitcoiners seem to have the most problems with that since many take up mortgages or even sell houses to invest. This is not a very smart thing to do in my opinion. Losing money hurts, reduce the damage by reducing your order size.

If you have a hurry — Never ever rush into a trade. These were the worst trades I took. Always, take your time, best to have a routine on when you are investing or trading, everything else will make you regret your decisions very hard.

No time — There are two things you need to trade or invest successfully into cryptos. Money and time, both a luxury to have. If you cannot afford both, best not to stress about having cryptos too. This is just a recommendation.

Honestly, this was one of the hardest articles to write so far. I can think of a thousand reasons on why you should have Bitcoin and many of them make much sense, but my head can not think of many reasons why to not have Bitcoin. Add up if you can think of more!

Wrapping things up, I understand that some people can not have Bitcoin because of financial reasons or simply because they do not have the time or the nerves to wrap their heads around it. This is very fine for me since it is your choice to not have Bitcoin at the end of the day. I can tolerate people not willing to buy Bitcoin because out of scepticism or fear and I accept negative haters too, because they are public relations, there is no such things like negative PR. Thank you haters.

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