What makes Bitcoin special?

Yves Hofstetter
4 min readJan 4, 2021

Some of you surely know the sweet feeling of opening the charts in the morning and looking at the green numbers the markets are doing.

Usually, I get up, make myself a strong coffee, and while doing so, I fire up my PC. The charts’ first view still feels dreamy, and as I recheck my exchange to have a second view, my coffee starts to kick in. Bitcoin is bull-running. But why? Why now? In the middle of a pandemic? The answer to those questions is not easy, and to understand this better, let me break it down for you.

Bitcoin has no materialistic value; its value is of a subjective nature. As soon as Bitcoin rises in price, the public’s attention toward Bitcoin grows, which in fact, increases price again. Bitcoins price is solely determined by the demand for Bitcoin due to its limited supply and its non-materialistic nature. But why is that? Why is Bitcoin bull-running now?

This has to do with economic changes happening due to the pandemic. Investors and the public both realize that Bitcoin is a valuable store of value and that Bitcoin might save their money from inflation happening with the fiat currencies. Bitcoin not only an alternative, but it is the only alternative that is out there right now to do transactions or send money around the world. The other is the central banking system of the fiat governments. People realize more and more that their financial freedom is no longer dependent on using fiat. They can now send money around the world without having to pay ridiculous amounts of transaction fees to send their money through an inefficient banking system that has not innovated much in the last 20 years. The real question is, when will the government realize that?

They already did. And that’s why Bitcoin is so unique. The real value lies within the fact that Bitcoin is too important now to not get involved. Governments cannot miss out on crypto because they would miss out massively, not only technology-wise but also because their banking system virtually has no future in the current crypto market setup. They start to understand that. Which is fantastic news for Bitcoin and everything related to blockchain technology. The European government was one of the first in the west to come out with plans to create a Euro based on the cryptocurrency concept. China is already shifting its currency from fiat to crypto. Governments worldwide realize that the crypto train has not departed yet, and there is still time to jump onto it.

Bitcoin is not just superior because governments cannot do much about it except accept it. It is also notable because it gives you financial freedom. Investments into Bitcoin means that you invest money where only you have total control. This makes Bitcoin more valuable to you than to the government. The government will try to introduce their own currencies, which are hopefully linked to Bitcoin. Giving as a new “Gold Standard.” But that is unlikely to happen. They are probably introducing inflationary monetary systems connected to the blockchain to get their fair share of the market. However, that will not change the fact that Bitcoin will still be here after all and can not change it. Even though the government might want you to use their currency, but you know better now. Having money in Bitcoin feels so much better than having cash in the fiat currency system.

After reading this, many of you might be thinking, “another crypto geek that can not shut up about Bitcoin,” but I understand that Bitcoin will not change how governments work in this world. Bitcoin needs regulations. Everything needs regulations. The government should get involved in the regulatory aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of inventing a Keynesian cryptocurrency. That would be time well spend since Bitcoin is here to stay.

To conclude, the revolution of Bitcoin will motivate anyone to rethink their financial situation. Not even governments will be spared from this momentum. I dearly want you and your family to be part of this to understand what cryptocurrencies they are about and how they might affect you and your financial life. So, if you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, make sure to check out my website. If you have loads of good stuff on there, I even have a daily podcast to scan the markets for you. Be sure to check it out!

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